Railtech DTU seeks to initiate activities with public and private partners in the transport sector, especially in the railway field. Our primary activity concerns education. The railway industry is a global workplace – in Europe it is employing almost two million people. Cities and regions strive to green their transport systems by making huge investments in new smart and sustainable solutions such as driverless metros, battery-powered trains, fast cross-border connections, etc. The railway sector is always in need of new employees willing to take a lead in developing mobility technology and large infrastructure projects.

Norwegian flytog

RailTech DTU offers research-based consultancy on railway techonology. We primarily offer Public Sector Consultancy to the Ministry of Transport with which we have signed aContract about Public Sector Consultancy, but also private businesses are welcome to contact us.


Henrik Sylvan

Henrik Sylvan Head of Center Department of Technology, Management and Economics Phone: +45 45251537