Research Projects

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Rail projects at DTU

Across the departments at DTU several research projects are dedicated to different aspects of rail technology. Among them are:

  • EASIER - DTU Management creates models where the customer is the railroad's focus, therefore it becomes easier, more accessible and secure to jump on the train.
  • 5GRAIL - DTU Photonics participates in the project regarding the future traffic control technology FRMCS. The main organisation of railroads; UIC is coordinator.
  • SORTED Mobility - The future train system is not only driverless, but as well autonomous which creates more resilience and demand. DTU Management is part of the project.
  • Roads2Rails - Danish Technological Institute and DTU Civil Engineering as main research center with partners from Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark), Atkins Denmark and Arkil

  • Intelliswitch - headed by DTU Wind and with participation from DTU Electrical Engineering, DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Compute, - and with Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark) as an important partner

  • IPTOP - headed by DTU Transport and with participation from DTU Management and DTU Compute - also with important participation from partners Banedanmark (Rail Net Denmark), DSB, Movia, Rapidis, Trafikstyrelsen (the Danish Transport and Construction Agency)

  • RobustRails - headed by DTU Management and with participation from DTU Compute, DTU Fotonik and DTU Transport