Best Student Project Award 2019

tirsdag 26 mar 19


Henrik Sylvan
DTU Management
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To students/former students, who have handed in a project after January 1, 2018:

Dear Students


The Danish Rail Sector Association (BaneBranchen) supports railway education in Denmark and organizes the Danish Rail Conference (, strives to be innovative and increase the focus on education within railways. Therefore, BaneBranchen has introduced the Best Student Project Award (not including PhD projects). The prize will be a gift of DKK 15,000 towards travel experiences and the winner will be announced at the Danish Rail Conference on 6 May 2019.


To apply for the award, you should have handed in a project (bachelor thesis, master thesis, special course or similar) within a railway or light rail related topic after January 1 2018. Send an email with a PDF-file of the project to together with a cover letter (max 2 pages in Danish or English). The deadline for applying for the prize is April 1, 2019. The applications and projects will be evaluated by a committee of BaneBranchen board members.

The evaluation committee will focus on the following criteria (that should be described in the cover letter):


- The project’s relevance to the railway sector

- The findings of the project

- The applicability of the project

- Grade the project achieved - if a grade has been given 

In order to receive the award the winner of the Best Student Project Award 2019 must attend the opening of the Danish Rail Conference on 6 May 2019, and also to be able to give a short presentation of the project. 
Best regards 
Søren Boysen
Chairman of BaneBranchen

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